Software setup

Setting up the copycounter_net software is straightforward and only requires a few steps. Set-up is therefore completed quickly.

Setting the copiers or printers

The necessary settings for the copiers, printers or multifunction devices are made via the menu item 'Settings'. The window for the settings then opens.

copycounter_net, settings
Click the 'Add' button. The 'Change device' window then opens.

copycounter_net, settings printer Drucker
All you have to do is enter the IP address and a name of your choice for each device.

After entering the IP address, be sure to click on the small button on the right. Only then will the copier be read out and, depending on the manufacturer, the name and serial number of the copier will be displayed. The fields can also be empty. Enter any name for the copier in the 'Name' field.

Important note

The SNMP V1 protocol must be activated in the copier. The community string must be set to "public".