Saved print-jobs

Daily statistics

The 'Statistics' menu item displays all copies, prints and scans made during the day. This practical feature provides a quick and clear overview of daily activities. All copies, prints and scans made on the current day with all devices are displayed continuously and clearly in the "Statistics" window.

copycounter_net, täglich erstellte kopien, drucke und Scanns

All print jobs are saved

All copies, prints and scans are saved continuously on the USB stick. This makes it easy and convenient to manage your documents. The saved files can then be conveniently opened and analysed using applications such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Pages.

copycounter_net, aller srstellten drucke, kopien und scanns

The software, copycounter_net, logs all prints, copies and scans made. This data is saved in CSV files and is easily accessible. These files are located in the "log" folder on the USB dongle, for example "E:\log\..".

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